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Meet the gang


Urban Squirrel is a young teen growing up in the big city.


An ice cool head in a rough and tumble world. He is a poo-dodging, roof scampering, street skating, witty retort wielding, ice cream licking, disaffected youth. Doing just enough to survive.



Luckily acid wit and lightning reactions is just what it takes to get by round here.



The sort of friendship that is held together by a thin piece of toilet paper. The worst best friends a squirrel could ask for.



And his dodgy mates



A bundle of misspent energy, our teenage squirrel is constantly leaping up and over and around and through, invariably in and out of trouble with a new hair brained scheme to overcomplicate his action packed life.


Possibly the laziest cat this side of... well anywhere really. Her propensity to do virtually nothing is matched only by her scything wit and withering put-downs. Arguably the brains of the operation - but it's all relative.


I guess you'd say Squiz and Cat are inseparable adversaries.


Fox it not so much a friend as an enemy you hang around with. He is the sort of low down, double crossing, snide and sneaky worst ever best friend anyone could hope for. He is into all sorts of dodgy stuff and is constantly found sneaking around at night, poking his nose where decent folk daren't. 

The Ratboys

Watch out for these guys. Trust them as far as you can kick em.


So who are they?


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